Sunday: Puff Pieces, Lost Civilizations experimental music project & Utenzil @ Black Squirrel!

On March 30, Puff Pieces the Lost Civilizations experimental music project and  Utenzil will appear at Adams Morgan’s Black Squirrel.

The performance is part of the Indie Adams Morgan series (http://www.indieadamsmorgan.com/).

The Black Squirrel (http://www.blacksquirreldc.com/) is located at 2427 18th Street NW  Washington, D.C. 20009 (202) 232-1011.  The event starts at 8 pm

Puff Pieces (http://amandahuron.net/music-culture#/puff-pieces/) is Mike Andre (Antelope, Vertebrates), Justin Moyer (E.D. Sedgwick, Antelope, El Guapo), and Amanda Huron (Weed Tree, Vertebrates). They play art punk.

The Lost Civilizations experimental music project (http://lost-civilizations.tumblr.com/http://goo.gl/WfSs5)  is a collaboration between Mike Sebastian (tenor sax, saxello and bass clarinet) and T. A. Zook (basscello and misc. instruments).  Although essentially a duo, when schedules permit, it is joined by Jerry Busher (drums); Amanda Huron (percussion); Doug Kallmeyer (bass and electronics), Nate Scheible (percussion) and Emily Chimiak (violin).  

Utenzil (http://www.utenzil.com/) is the solo project of Michael McMorris, which brings together fitful decades of musical experience/experiments plus software, laptops, mixer and instruments which include various controllers, a DIY double neck midi guitar, live guitar and voice.

Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/495399380581779

For further information:  t_a_zook@hotmail.com


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