Flashmob Marriage Proposal in Rosslyn: She Said...

Proposal was staged during a song in an outdoor screening of the 1978 musical 'Grease.'

Still captured from Rosslyn BID's YouTube video
Still captured from Rosslyn BID's YouTube video

In 1978, Danny got Sandy.

And Friday night in Rosslyn, Tyler got Sara.

A flashmob erupted during the song "You're the One that I Want" in an outdoor showing of the musical "Grease" at Gateway Park on Friday. It was the Rosslyn Business Improvement District's final outdoor screening of the summer.

During the dancing, Tyler Pepin pulls his girlfriend Sara Powell into the fray. But then the music fades, he gets down on one knee and a man hands him a microphone. He proposes, and she says yes.

The crowd seemed quite entertained. So did Sara.

The highest-quality video of the event was posted by the Rosslyn BID on YouTube. (Skip to 1:55 for the proposal.)

In June, Pepin started a Meetup group to recruit flashmobbers.

"Sara and I are both in the USCG and have been together for a little over 2 years. Flashmobs make her cry (in a good way) so I have always wanted this to be involved with my proposal. I really just want this to be something she will always remember!" he posted on Meetup.com.

"I can not dance at all and almost always refuse to do so, but for her I will do anything. Which includes getting up in front of a huge group of strangers to dance and ask her to marry me."

Pepin and Powell have set a wedding date of Oct. 13, 2014, in Arlington.


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