The Old Bike Shop Opens in Arlington

The shop at 2647 N. Pershing Drive opened in Arlington on Thursday.

The Old Bike Shop owner hopes to bring something new to Arlington: inexpensive used bikes targeting the entry-level rider.

"The bikes are completely refurbished," said owner Lawrence Behery, 37. "It's an inexpensive opportunity to own a high quality vintage bike that they no longer make anymore."

The bike shop at 2647 N. Pershing Drive, which opened on Thursday, sells bikes that are hand picked by mechanics at the shop and then refurbished on site. Behery sees the shop as a safer and more reliable alternative for shoppers than buying secondhand bikes on Craiglist.

"Arlington is a critical area as far as the opportunity being presented now," Behery said. "There was a lack of accessible and inexpensive bikes."

Behery is a life-long cyclist himself and first got into riding and fixing bikes in the 80s as a BMX rider.

"I'm no longer a racer, but I’ll be riding bikes till the day I die," Behery said. "I'm a bike mechanic, not too snobby, but I like what I like and I try and sell folks what I believe in."

Visit The Old Bike Shop's website or Facebook page for more information about what they have available.

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