Visions for Vacancies: What Should Replace Market Tavern?

In this new column, Patch wants your ideas for developing vacant spaces in Arlington.

It's a modern spin on community planning—Patch's version of a charette, a digital drawing board where all ideas are on the table.

Each week we'll present a new vacant building or an empty lot and ask you to tell us what you think would be the best use for it.

We're calling it Visions for Vacancies.

Forget what zone it's in, ignore setback regulations, dump lot coverage rules and all the other zoning jargon. If you had your way, what would you like to see there? What would be the best use for the community?

Last week, we asked you all what to do with .

One reader said, "Clarendon needs a good late night diner." Another suggested a French restaurant. The idea for biergarten was also thrown out by someone.

This week, we'd like to turn your attention to the old , formerly located on the corner of Clarendon Boulevard and North Fillmore Street.

What type of restaurant would you like see take it's place?

Be sure to weigh in with your ideas in the comments section.

Carly Lundy Schacknies July 25, 2012 at 04:54 PM
I would love to see a Seasons 52 in that spot - it would be a great addition to the area
News Hound July 25, 2012 at 10:07 PM
How about something for regular people like a Dunkin Donuts. They have a cafe-style store type which includes comfortable tables and chairs and free wi-fi. And, yes, there are some regular people in the area amidst the trendy fools.


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