Arlington Young Democrats to Host 8th District Congressional Candidates

Come out and meet some of the candidates running for Congress.

Arlington Young Democrats host congressional candidates next Wednesday. AYD logo
Arlington Young Democrats host congressional candidates next Wednesday. AYD logo

The Arlington Young Democrats will host candidates for Congress for a meet and greet at Ireland’s Four Courts in Court House on Wednesday, Feb. 19 beginning at 7 p.m.         

The event gives voters a chance to mingle with many of the candidates looking to fill the Virginia 8th District seat being vacated by the retirement of Congressman Jim Moran. 

At least six candidates plan to attend, including: Sen. Adam Ebbin, Del. Patrick Hope, Mark Levine, Del. Alfonso Lopez, Bruce Shuttleworth and Del. Mark Sickles.

"Young people are an incredibly important part of Arlington's vitality, diversity and workforce. The Arlington Young Democrats have been a key voice as we look towards the future,” said Adam Ebbin. “I value their opinions and look forward to hearing their thoughts on how we can improve our district--and country."

Don Beyer said of AYD’s early involvement in the race: “Young Democrats have a key voice in choosing the next member of Congress from the 8th district. Today's front-burner issues will shape our future: climate change, investments in education, a livable wage and immigration reform.”

Patrick Hope said: “As the father of three daughters, I understand that young people are our future scientists, businesspeople, and leaders. I look forward to speaking with the Young Democrats about my candidacy and how I'll fight for their values in Washington."

Alfonso Lopez, a current Arlington Young Democrat, recognized the passion of young leaders and the challenging reality many young people face: "Since my time as AYD president, I've admired the Young Democrats' work, passion and leadership to secure better opportunity for everyone. They know perhaps better than anyone else the tough reality of trying to establish themselves while struggling to pay off student loans. I appreciate your support of our efforts to pass the Virginia DREAM Act, and I look forward to continuing to work with alongside them in Richmond and, with their help, on Capitol Hill."

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