Learn How You Can Use Patch

This short video shows Patch readers how to post announcements and events to the website.

Have you ever sent a press release to the editor of your local Patch site and wondered when it was going to post?

How about a birth announcement or an obituary—which are published for free on Patch sites, by the way—or a school award only to wonder if it was ever going to be published?

Well, our Patch sites are designed in a way that is easy for users to post their own announcements without having to wait for editors to post it for them.

It really is the best way to share your news if you are a nonprofit agency, for-profit agency, government body or other group.

Get your stuff on Patch instantly!

Follow this video tutorial to see how to do this, step by step. After you finish watching the video, consider using the techniques shown and explained in order to post your own news on the Patch.

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