Mugsly: The Persistent Pekingese

Don't let this little guy's size fool you; He thinks he is one of the big dogs and rules his life as if he is.

Mugsly is this dog's first name, but "stubborn" might as well be his middle name. This little guy knows what he wants, and what he doesn't want and he always seems to find a method to get his way.

If the weather is too hot outside, Mugsly does not want to walk. You can tell because he simply refuses to do so. Mid-walk with owner and Ballston resident, Maureen Churgovich, this pup will go on strike by lying down and not budging. Churgovich often resorts to carrying the lazy guy all the way home.

Mugsly also does not usually like his photograph taken. Other than a few snapshots that were managed by surprising the K9, most of Maureen's pictures of Mugsly are less than flattering. He has perfected an eye squint that almost looks as though he is in pain, and he throws that face on the minute a camera appears.

As for the things that Mugsly does want, whether that is attention or a chew toy, the dog's stubborn style is still successful. He finds random small items such as pebbles, rings, and even thumbtacks to be acceptable chew toys. You know he is smart because he is always finding new ways to track down these items and chew them up. He also uses his cute face and talkative ways to seduce humans in to the loving attention he craves.

Despite often enjoying affection from humans, Mugsly is a fairly independent dog. Perhaps it was his lonely beginning that led him to be such an autonomous Pekingese, (He was found roaming the streets of McConnell Air Force base in Wichita, Kansas).

This self-determining free spirit attitude also translates to a high level of confidence. Mugsly considers himself to be one of the "big" dogs, and oftentimes tries to keep up with dogs three times his size at the dog park. With a stubborn attitude like his, there is no point in attempting to teach him to do otherwise.

Even a fearless, free, determined dog has a softer side. Mugsly loves to lay his head on one of his stuffed animals and snooze like an angel. Plus there is nobody in the world this tough and tenacious dog loves more than his mommy. 


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