Just say, "NO, to Styrofoam!"

I challenge Arlingtonians to hop on the decades-old-bandwagon of banning styrene products and beat DC to rid our town of styrofoam in our restaurants and fast food establishments!  It's bad to consume it! It's bad to incinerate it!

The West Coast has led the charge in banning of all Styrofoam products. Portland, Oregon had the first ban that was enacted in the late 80's since then over 100 cities nationwide have either an ordinance in place or are currently working on one. Other major cities include: L.A., Oakland, Santa Monica, Seattle, and San Francisco. http://nofoamchicago.org/BansAcrossUS.html Philadelphia, Chicago and New York City are currently working on getting an ordinance passed through City Council. DC is the latest.

I call on Arlington citizens to join this effort in a simple way, a buycott. What that means is instead of boycotting establishments that provide your hot coffee in styrofoam or your Asian take-out in styrene containers (which I do), that we as consumers have the simple power to make this change happen by ever so nicely, ask them to serve you on real plates or in eco-friendly containers. Busboys and Poets takeout is dished up in Eco-products, sturdy, biodegradable containers and cutlery. No styrofoam here!

Just say, "NO, to Styrofoam!"

Luzi Paz December 05, 2013 at 07:24 AM
I was horrified to see every fast food establishment at Dulles Airport serving up hot foods in styrene products.
Luzi Paz December 08, 2013 at 05:48 PM
Email Jay Fisette jay@fisette.org


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