Arlington Police Unveil 'Chooser Cruiser'

The cruiser is an attempt to deter drunken driving.

Anti-drunken driving advocates unveiled the “Chooser Cruiser” this week in Arlington County.
The two-faced vehicle is painted as hybrid taxicab and police cruiser, which the front painted as an Arlington County police car and the rear painted as a yellow cab with the message “choose your own ride.”
The car was a joint initiative with the Arlington County Police Department, Arlington’s Red Top Cab and the nonprofit Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP).
“Every drunk driving incident is 100-percent preventable,” Arlington County Police Chief M. Douglas Scott said in a statement about the car. “People have a choice in how they’re transported at the end of an evening.”
The vehicle will make an appearance throughout the holiday season in public sites to remind drivers of the dangers of drunken driving, according to WRAP.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures, 25 percent of all drunk driving deaths in the U.S. occur in December.
The WRAP organization also offers SoberRide, which is an initiative where local taxis provide a free ride home to those who have been drinking.


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