Hall's Hill Killer Remains at Large

Arlington police have not identified any suspect, spokesman says.

More than a week after two men were found dead in the Hall's Hill section of Arlington County, their killer remains at large.

Keefe Spriggs, 59, of Arlington, and 31-year-old Carl Moten, who has no fixed address, by a maintenance worker.

The next day, Arlington County police . No weapons were found in Spriggs' apartment, where the bodies were discovered, police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said at the time.

The investigation has not yet resulted in any arrests, Sternbeck said Wednesday.

Sternbeck was not aware of investigators identifying any suspects, and no description of the attacker or attackers is available.

Sternbeck said he also wasn't aware of detectives finding evidence of items stolen from the apartment. No drugs were found at the scene, and nothing indicates the matter may have been the result of a domestic dispute, he said.

"It's an isolated incident. There should be no general public fear," Sternbeck said. He would not say what led police to that conclusion.

"Right now, it's an ongoing investigation," he said.

Arlington County "has sufficient resources" dedicated to this case, Sternbeck said.

Spriggs was a divorced father of two who worked in a body shop, according to WJLA.

Moten, a father of five, worked as a cook but had no place to stay. Spriggs invited Moten to stay with him about a week before the killings, WJLA reported.

The Hall's Hill community held a candlelight vigil for the two slain men Tuesday night, according to ARLNow.


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