UPDATE: Woman Dies After Being Struck By Dump Truck Near Nottingham Elementary School

Victim was struck while taking care of child.

Police investigating accident.
Police investigating accident.

An Arlington woman died after being struck by a dump truck Monday near Nottingham Elementary School in Arlington, according to news reports.

The woman had apparently just loaded a young child into a car seat when she was hit by the truck, according to The Washington Post. She was identified as Jennifer Lawson, 39, a mother of three from Arlington.

The driver of the privately owned truck stayed at the scene of the crash and was cooperating with investigators, the paper reported.

Lt. Michael Watson, an Arlington County police spokesman, told the Post police had not yet assigned blame or charged anyone in connection with the incident.

“From an accident point of view, it was a very simple accident, but it gets complicated when you start trying to figure out speeds and where they were on the roadway,” Watson said.

terri February 25, 2014 at 11:08 PM
Maybe the residents of Arlington County will realize their own county government has made these roads impossible to drive on at any speed. There are parking lanes, bicycle lanes, and sidewalk corners (the county calls them nubs) that protrude into intersections supposedly to slow down traffic. Then you have the walkers and the joggers to add to the mix. Common sense tells you only so many of these can fit on a road. The county government needs to get back to basics and stop this waste of money with their so-called improvements.


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