Arlington County Car, Real Estate Taxes Due Friday

In-person payments should be made at 2100 Clarendon Blvd.

Arlington County residents are reminded that their vehicle and the second installment of their real estate taxes are due Friday.

According to the county:

  • There are several options on how to pay your bill, including online, by phone, mail, drop box or in person.
  • The Commissioner of Revenue's Office assesses vehicle personal property taxes based on the vehicle's value and the tax rate as set by the Arlington County Board. For more information about tax assessments, visit the Commissioner of Revenue's website.
  • Each year, the Department of Real Estate Assessments determines the value of real property in the county. The assessment is then multiplied by the real estate tax rate, which is set by the county board each year.

To read a full list of frequently asked questions about vehicle and real estate taxes, visit the Arlington County Treasurer's Office website.

The Arlington County Board in April approved a $1 billion budget that raises the average tax bill by $160 annually.


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