Ex-Arlington County Employee Accused of Taking Money From Fair

Marshall Roller faces 11 felony charges.

A former Arlington County Fair organizer has been charged with multiple counts of embezzlement and money laundering.

Marian Denise Marshall Roller, an ex-Arlington County employee who served as the government's liaison to the nonprofit that hosts the fair, was arrested in September following an 11-count grand jury indictment. She was subsequently released on bond.

Marshall Roller spent several years with the county's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.

She faces four embezzlement charges, four money laundering charges, two forgery charges and one charge of embezzling public funds. All are felonies.

"A lot of us in the county were disappointed to learn of the allegations. We always do our utmost to safeguard the public trust, and her actions do not represent Arlington County employees," said Caroline Temmermand, a county Parks and Recreation division chief.

"She hurt us all, her co-workers, by doing this."

The charges stem from eight incidents between Feb. 23 and May 5, according to documents on file with the Arlington County Clerk of Court's Office.

Marshall Roller's original court date was Nov. 28, but that was continued to Jan. 23. She is being represented by the Arlington and Falls Church Public Defender's Office.

Marshall Roller is no longer a county employee.

"The County acted immediately upon learning of allegations that Arlington County Fair funds had been misappropriated by a County employee," according to an email statement from County Manager Barbara Donnellan.

"It turned the matter over to the Arlington County Police Department and appropriate action was taken with the employee."

Tiffany Kudravetz, chairwoman of the Arlington County Fair board of directors, declined to talk specifically about the allegations against Marshall Roller as the matter is pending in court.

Fair volunteers have known about the allegations since the spring, she said.

"It was definitely harder early on, in May or June, but we had to switch gears, because we had a fair to plan," Kudravetz said.

"It's emotional, because she's someone we trusted, and someone some of us considered a friend. In the end, we just focused on having the best fair we can."

Lauren Sausser contributed to this report.

Austin dalton December 08, 2011 at 04:18 AM
I was a Arlington county fair volunteer for 6 years. I knew her well. I would have never suspected her of doing this. After find out she did this, I have a different veiw of her. At one point she was someone I looked up to. She had cancer at one point and still planned and ran the fair.


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