Got Junk Mail? Arlington Opt-Out Service Has Saved 18 Tons in Two Months

Catalog Choice for Arlington County launched in November.

A new service for Arlington residents who want to get rid of junk mail has prevented an estimated 36,000 pounds — or 18 tons — of waste from clogging area mailboxes.

“That’s anything from a catalog you may get from a department store, to credit card offers, to coupon mailers,” said Kristen Goldman, an environmental planner for the county.

Catalog Choice allows residents to opt out of unwanted mail by signing up with an account online where they can pick and choose what mail they receive from companies.

Before signing up, people are encouraged to hold on to at least some of their junk mail so they can find the sender's name on the Catalog Choice site.

Arlington launched the free program on Nov. 1. Anyone who receives mail in the county — at home or the office — can sign up.

Catalog Choice is a California-based company that launched in 2007. Read their FAQ for more about the company. And click here to find out how to sign up for Catalog Choice in Arlington.

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