The History of Reevesland Farm

More on the historic farmouse some residents are trying to save.

As one teacher and create a “learning center” devoted to urban agriculture, residents are learning more about the history of the structure.

Arlington County acquired the Reevesland farmhouse and land in 2001, after the death of Nelson Reeves, who died just shy of his 100th birthday.

The white, two-story home with four bedrooms was constructed circa 1899, according to a 2004 historical and architectural report written by the Alexandria-based historic preservation firm John Milner Associates. County officials commissioned the firm to look into the property’s history.

The family sold milk wholesale and they would sell it to others who would then pasteurize and bottle the milk, said Michael Leventhal, historic preservation coordinator for Arlington County. 

“It’s a farm that’s been in one family for practically its entire existence,” Leventhal said. “It’s one of the few farmhouses where you can actually get to see how it would have looked like as a farm.”

  • Read more about efforts to restore the Reevesland Farmouse.

It was the site of the Arlington County’s last dairy farm until 1995.

“Arlington is cheek by jowl as far as development goes and there are few places in the county where you can see a site in a rural setting, and that’s why it’s important,” Leventhal said.


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