Schedule Change for Arlington Public Schools Caused By Snow Days

Changes replace earlier revised schedule.

Sorry, kids. More school added.
Sorry, kids. More school added.
Here's a cold lesson for kids: Everything evens out in the end.

Because of lost school days on March 3 and 4, combined with time lost in January and February, Arlington Public Schools has added a class day and altered its early dismissal schedule for most students.

The district announced Thursday that a revised plan replaces the make-up day plan originally announced on February 18. 

The good news: If there are no additional school closures due to inclement weather or other emergencies this year, the new plan allows APS to maintain the Memorial Day holiday and spring break and no days will be added to the end of the school year.

From Arlington Public Schools:

Monday, March 31 – As was announced in the Feb. 18 Make-up Day Plan, the Teacher Grade Preparation Day on March 31 has been changed and is now designated as a full student attendance day for elementary, middle and high schools and programs. All students (except for students attending Barcroft Elementary School*) will be expected to attend school on March 31. 

Elementary Schools with Limited Early Release**
In addition to the previously announced plan to use March 31 as a full attendance day, the early release Wednesdays on June 11 and June 18 will now be full student attendance days. Adding instructional hours with this change will cover the time lost. (Barcroft – June 11 and June 18 will be full student attendance days.) 

Middle Schools and High Schools
There is no added change needed for the secondary schools and programs at this time. The added instructional hours by adding March 31 as a full student attendance day will cover the time lost. 

Elementary Schools with Early Release***
In addition to March 31 becoming a full student attendance day and the nine (9) early release Wednesdays previously announced to become full instructional days, Elementary Schools with Early Release will have six (6) additional Wednesdays become full student attendance days to make-up for instructional time lost. The following is the complete list of Early Release Wednesdays now designated as full student attendance days:
  • Wed, Feb. 12 (Already Used)
  • Wed, Feb. 19 (Already Used)
  • Wed, Mar. 12 (NEW CHANGE)
  • Wed, Mar. 19
  • Wed, Mar. 26 (NEW CHANGE)
  • Wed, Apr. 2
  • Wed, Apr. 9
  • Wed, Apr. 23 (NEW CHANGE)
  • Wed, April 30
  • Wed, May 7
  • Wed, May 14
  • Wed, May 21
  • Wed, May 28 (NEW CHANGE)
  • Wed, June 11 (NEW CHANGE)
  • Wed. June 18 (NEW CHANGE)
Stratford Program
There is no added change needed for the Stratford Program at this time. In addition to March 31 becoming a full student attendance day and the three previously announced Tuesdays (Feb. 18, April 8, April 29) becoming full student attendance days, instructional hours based on the present make-up day plan will cover time lost. 

*Barcroft Elementary School: Because Barcroft follows a Modified School Year Calendar, the school’s previously-approved calendar will not need to change on March 31.

**Elementary Schools with Limited Early Release: These schools include Abingdon, Ashlawn, Barcroft, Barrett, Campbell, Carlin Springs, Claremont, Drew, Glebe, Henry, Hoffman-Boston, Jamestown, Key, McKinley and Randolph.

*** Elementary Schools with Early Release: These schools include Arlington Science Focus, Arlington Traditional, Long Branch, Nottingham, Oakridge, Taylor and Tuckahoe. 


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