Abby Albright
Email: Abigail@patch.com Twitter: @BallstonPatch, www.twitter.com/ballstonpatch Facebook: www.facebook.com/ballstonpatch  Phone: 571-244-5623 Hometown: Arlington, VA Birthday: October 15 Bio:
I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and cannot stand when people call it NOVA. Although I have grown up in Arlington, I am quickly learning more about the local issues we are facing and the amazing resources located right here in the Ballston-Virginia Square area.  In May 2010, I graduated  with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Auburn University in Alabama, War Eagle! (No, we don't have two mascots, we are the Tigers and our Battle Cry is "War Eagle!") Before attending Auburn, I graduated from Bishop Denis J. O'Connell High School right here in Arlington in 2006.  During my time at Auburn, I was the Sports Editor of The Auburn Plainsman and was named "Outstanding Senior in Journalism." I also helped produce an anniversary edition of The Valley-Times News in Valley, Ala. During the summer of 2009 I interned locally with The Connection Newspapers and covered a variety of community news stories.  I have three older brothers who were college athletes so I love sports (I even played Auburn Club Lacrosse) and I am a diehard Redskins fan -- we're going to the Superbowl. In my free time I enjoy playing with my two Airedale puppies, watching football and hockey, trying new beers, good food, shopping and spending time with my amazing family.  Your Beliefs At Patch, we promise always to report the facts as objectively as possible and otherwise adhere to the principles of good journalism. However, we also acknowledge that true impartiality is impossible because human beings have beliefs. So in the spirit of simple honesty, our policy is to encourage our editors to reveal their beliefs to the extent they feel comfortable. This disclosure is not a license for you to inject your beliefs into stories or to dictate coverage according to them. In fact, the intent is the opposite: we hope that the knowledge that your beliefs are on the record will cause you to be ever mindful to write, report and edit in a fair, balanced way. And if you ever see evidence that we failed in this mission, please let us know. Politics  How would you describe your political beliefs? Are you registered with a certain party? Although I am not registered with any party, I tend to be more fiscally conservative and look for candidates who are like-minded.  Religion How religious would you consider yourself? (casual, observant, devout, non religious) I am a practicing Christian that was raised Protestant but attended both Episcopal and Catholic schools.  Local Hot-Button Issues What do you think are the most important issues facing the community? Where do you stand on each of these issues? The Ballston-Virginia Square area is interesting because of its part within Arlington County. We have mostly multi-use high-rise buildings and a big shopping mall. People want to live in the great apartment and condominium buildings in Ballston, but get upset when the restaurant downstairs is too loud.  Another local issue is homelessness. It is heartbreaking to see all the homeless people in our neighborhood. Stay tuned to the Ballston Patch for more coverage of the issue and hopefully we can work with the community to help get them back on their feet. A-SPAN is an amazing organization working to solve this issue. 
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